Friday, July 25, 2008

Princess Warrior

This is my littlest girl, Katie, trying her darndest to wink back at me.

In this photo you can see a scar on her right cheek (reader's left, Katie's right).
This scar has not always been on her cute face. Well, of course it hasn't, I hear you saying...she wasn't BORN with it.

So, the first photo I got of the girls was August 2006.
This scar showed up for the first time in a photo sent to me in March of 2008.
When I went to Haiti to pick up the girls, I asked the American Girl staying there for a year or so if she knew what happened to warrant such a scar.

Unfortunately, this gal was there to help the teens pass their English classes and did not directly care for the toddlers and therefore didn't know. She suggested that she hurt her face in bed somehow as the cribs (cages) are made of old metal.
Here is a picture of Yolanta standing next to her bed. She slept on the top. Notice the WB in her hand.

Here is a picture of Katie's bed. She slept on top, too.

When a mother gives birth to a baby, she usually knows where each and every blemish or scar came from. I don't know how Katie got this scar and I likely never will. The best I could get out of Yolanta was "Katie tonbe." Katie fell.
Oh well. She's still gorgeous. And when she's a teenager and is totally self-conscious about it, I'll tell her she used to be a princess warrior who fought injustices all over the world.

Hm. I don't believe in reincarnation...but I bet she COULD be a princess warrior.


Kismet said...

She IS a Princess Warrior. Totally.


Shane said...

maybe you are just prophetic, she WILL be a warrior princess who WILL fight injustices all over the world....

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

That was not from Shane... he logged me out! (i need credit for claiming her warrior princesses when she grows up, right??)

Tiffany said...

Maybe Yo will be able to tell you just what happened when she masters English. I wondered because I hadn't noticed it in pictures.

If she does reach a self conscious stage, it can be lessened a whole lot by the dermatologist. In the meantime there are scar creams that might also help.

She is beautiful and the scar doesn't show much. It is overshadowed by her twinkly eyes anyway!

TheWinnFamily said...

She TOTALLY could. :)

christa jean said...

She is gorgeous, they both are in their unique ways.
In this pic of Katie, I love her full lips!

Feathering My Nest said...

What a perfect thing to say. She will love that title, and will feel just fine about it, if it is instilled in her at an early age that it's okay to have a scar. I hope she can tell you what happened some day. I agree with Tiffany, that there are scar creams that will help later on. She is a beautiful girl. Kathi

dkuroiwa said...

You know what the best thing of all this is? She is now in a place where she CAN be and do anything that her precious heart desires...ANYthing.
A princess warrier? Somehow I think she might just be.

Wendy said...

Well written article.