Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Foto Phun at the Pharm with Phriends

My friend Tiffany says that photos taken via a timer on a camera are "riotously hilarious!"
You know, the big Thanksgiving pictures where Uncle Ed spends an eternity behind the camera trying to program the timer while 72 family members (70 of them all under the age of 9) are all gathered in a pyramid formation eagerly anticipating UE to come running back to the huddle and jump in to the hole left for him. And one of two things happen, either the camera goes off mid jump and everyone has their eyes on Ed when the camera clicks, OR everyone is frozen in time f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and smiles fade and people start talking about malfunctioning cameras just as the flash and click go off.

So yes, they do make for some pretty funny pictures.

My friend Christa said she does not like pictures obviously taken by the camerawoman herself. Of herself. You know, so that you can usually see the photographers arm in the picture as she takes her own picture, or you can see up her nose and the left half of her face is usually missing.

So yes, they do make for some pretty awful pictures.

However, I am famous for taking my own picture. No wait. I'm famous for taking my picture WITH someone else. No wait. I'm not famous. But I do take pictures of myself with my friends.

Here are some pictures we took at the CSA farm this week.

Tiffany is also going to post about the farm and didn't want to have twin blogs, so you'll have to check hers out for the group picture as it was on her camera. Here are some pictures from my camera of a couple self-took friend pictures, some pictures of donkeys, children, and the farm.

Tiffany, Sarah, me and my arm

Our daughters, Elisabeth, Hannah and Amy

My daughter Amy and her twin sister Elisabeth

Amy petting a donkey (the one from Shrek)

Me and Joy (Joy took this one! Okay, I did)--->

<---Anyone need a double dose of Grace in their life? Here you go! Grace and Grace.

I know you want this little girl named Maggie, but sorry. I've got dibs on her.

Hannah darling.

Zackie Shmackie

And an AbFab farm shot. They sell to Farmer's Markets here in the local area and offer produce boxes for pick-up.

Fun day! Fun Friends! Fun Farm! Fun Photos!


Youthful One said...

What a FUN day it appears you all had - except, why does Joy look like she's ready to rumble?

christa jean said...

She can be a bully sometimes!

Julie, not sure we've EVER taken our picture together, looking up our nostrils. Maybe there's still a chance!

Tiffany said...

UGH!!! I think there oughtta be a law that a lady has to view pictures and say she looks lovely in it before it is posted for all to see. Ew. I am closest to the camera so my head looks humongous (where have I heard that before?, hmmm...)

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

now tiff - we all look beautiful! (can you say EGO!) actually, since I have been blogging more and FB, I want good pictures of me... been feeling, oh so conscious of my "mom-of-four" chub, and I think that is an ab-fab pick of all three of us (Julie will be you my personal photographer please!). Like they say in t-ball - if you have fun, you win. I think it looks like we win!

Love the capture of the kids... Zak in that "I'm too sexy for this farm" pose...

Liz said...

Hey--you're pretty darn good at the self photo! I'm getting jealous"er" and jealous"er" of all you oregon real life friends. (Yes, being around preschoolers all day makes you use words like jealous"er") ;)