Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vitamin C Smiles

Remember doing this when you were six years old!?

In this picture, my daughter Amy and her two friends Elisabeth and Cailin are all six years old.

I wish I had a picture of ME doing this because I remember doing it every. single. time. I ate oranges when I was six years old.

I usually had my twin sister with me to laugh our heads off while we tried to keep our teeth sunk into the sucked on fruit long enough to make it look like we actually had orange peel teeth.

Since my daughter is (for the time being) an only child, she has absolutely fabulous friends to be orangy with.


julie said...

hi there! thank you for your kind words on my post with jessica's blog! your daughter amy is a cutie!!! i am so happy for you and your new little ones that will join your family. i am going to have to read up on your blog so i can get acquainted with your sweet family. adoption is really a wonderful blessing. we have 2 home made and 2 adopted as you already know. lots of opportunities to see God's hand and His grace! many blessings to you!

tricia w. said...

I do remember doing that when I was six. I still do it sometime to make my kids laugh. They think I am strange sometimes.

Tiffany said...

Orange you proud? I am!