Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Temperature Love

A week or so ago, Portland had it's first hint at warm weather.

Usually by this time in spring we're:

  • Rolling down car windows

  • Exposing the need for pedicures by wearing flip-flops

  • Going for evening walks while oooing and aaahhhing over the warmth

  • Getting mad at the rain, convinced that it should be dry and hot even though spring is MEANT for rain. Especially in Portland. But still.
But we have been experiencing a very cool, for overcast, very chilly spring here in 2008.

Changing gears here for a minute or two. Continue reading.

David and I decided to switch two rooms in the house. You see, he has the bonus room upstairs for his computers, keyboards, bass guitars and all the home office-y stuff that goes along with paying bills, etc.

I have the actual office on the main floor that I use for homeschooling Amy, project managing for Good Catch Publishing and spending efficient time on the Internet. A-hem.

But at the closing in of our adoption, I will soon be homeschooling THREE girls instead of one. I need table space for projects, room to get on the floor for games, wall space for school posters, etc. My husband willingly offered to trade rooms as he saw the need for me to have the bigger of the two rooms. He knew he'd be squishy, but he'd fit in the smaller room.

So we decided to switch rooms on the first really warm day this spring. As we were going up and down the stairs moving computers, books, tables, etc it started to get super hot in the house. Or at least, WE started to get super hot in our body temperatures. So I turned off the heat and opened windows. Aaahhh refreshing neighborhood air.

The next morning it was rather cool in the house and I remembered that I hadn't turned the heat back on. But that's okay. David and Amy both run really warm-blooded (I'm always cold) so they like the briskness. They're one in the same when it comes to body temps.

Also, my husband left the corporate world and started his own business so we are alllll about saving money at every turn. Adopting 2 girls with a start-up company can be tricky. Do-able! Faith drives us most of the time. Yes, do-able. But tricky. So I thought we could save a buck or two by leaving the heat off for a while.

So, the weather has gone back to gloomy and cool. But our heater has stayed off. I can turn it back on at any given time, but I'm kind of enjoying these wear-socks/pull-on-a-sweater/my-hot-blooded-husband-and-daughter-love-it kind of days.

So here we come to the LOVE part.

On Sunday as I was showering and getting ready for church, I wrapped up in a towel and robe and opened the bathroom door that leads in to our bedroom.

David had closed the bedroom doors and turned on the gas fireplace! The room was super cozy and WARM.

Now, I should be hearing a collective "AAAaaaahhhhhhhh" right now because that was soooo super considerate! He has not said a word this whole time the heat has been off, but in his own special way he acknowledged that I have probably been cold. And he made a gesture that said he was thinking about me and what he could do to make me warm and happy.

I wasn't even really sure he knew that it was cold in the house. But he did. And he wanted to say I Love You to me in an absolutely fabulous way. 2 points for husband, right!?

Oh, what a guy.

(PS: That is not a picture of my bedroom. But it's sort of close. My bedroom is not AS fancy or sophisticated looking, but bigish and has the bathroom and gas fireplace right there like this one does) (Why didn't I post an actual picture of MY bedroom? Just shush up now and enjoy the very nice, very clean picture above, ok?)


Michelle said...

How wonderfully sweet is that! My husband and I are the same way, I'm always cold, he is always hot! Currently we are in my world, the windows are open this week, it's a nice comfortable 76 in the house and he is burning up. :) The day will soon come when he is nice and cool in a 70 air conditioned house and I will be FREEZING!

tricia w. said...

That is very sweet of your husband. I do love the spring where you can open the windows and let the fresh air in. Thank you for coming by my blog and when I have more time I read some of your past posts.

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I almost bought the pic, but was like... I didn't think the fireplace was like that.... doh! Sorry to ruin the fun - what an awesome man you have - and how absolutely fabulous of you to immortalize him on the internet!

Thank you for introducing me to THE BLOG!

Tiffany said...

Thoughtfulness is a treasured trait in hubbies! The sweetest thing is that it occured to him at all. He saw a need, anticipated how you'd feel, and just did it.

Kismet said...

You should have called this post

My Husband Is HOT!!!




ames said...

I wondered what happened to the red paint!!! :)