Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh Positive (O+)

There's no doubt about it. I am married to the most absolutely fabulous man alive.
I mean really...check out this email he sent from work:


I’ve been doing a little research to see if there is a more wonderful women on
this planet than you. So far, I can’t find one. So I thought, what about from the past? Well, there were some pretty amazing women but really, not all that impressive when you stack them up side by side. But what about in the future? Could there ever be a person more awesome than my wife in the future? I did some DNA research and have proven conclusively that unless it is one of your daughters or one of their children, there is no chance.

Congratulations on being the most wonderful women ever to be created.

Ooohh the sappy love. It makes me do the happy dance and run to the store to buy big fat steaks and potatoes (his favorite dinner). Plus, his blood type requires that he gets a lot of red meat in his diet. Same with my blood type genetic? I could be a vegetarian. I never crave red meat. I do like chicken though.

But I digress.

Where were we? Oh yes. Isn't my husband romantic!? And he's funny.

Does your husband ignite feelings of blood type related dinners?

If you have a romantic story or funny story that showcases your husband's wonderfulness, email me or leave a comment! I'd love to hear.


Tiffany said...

Oh, I have plenty of funny and lovey stories about my man. But I can't think of them right now. I also can't digest anything you said about yours.

My heart is just now starting to beat again. It stopped when I read Oh Positive... then the + plus sign... The word "results"... and, when I tuned in, apparently there was still part of your post that you eventually decided against, but it did indeed say something about telling the world.

So, for someone who has been praying for you to receive a +Plus sign for a few years now, what did you EXPECT???!!!! My Land! It will take me a few days to recover from my (false) excitement.

Next time you post anything related to a + sign, warn me first. Hopefully that will be next month:)

Amy Nike Chick said...

I did the same thing Tiffany mentioned!! Don't get us all excited like that!! Not that we aren't excited that you are well taken care of by David... The title just made us jump! :)
That was funny...

Youthful One said...


I was thinking it was either that, or something related to a blood drive.

I'd say more, but really, I just wanted to leave a comment so I could read everybody else's comments. I love the real-life romance of my friends. :D

The Everett Family said...

I will never as long as I live forget a night in September where we were sitting up at Portland City Grill (an unplanned spontaneous event or so I thought) when my husband asked to see a ring he had given me when our baby was born. He had noticed that my non pregnant fingers weren't the right size for the ring anymore. I was looking out the window enjoying the view, and didn't see him pull out a new ring and slip in on my finger. I looked down or rather felt the weight of the new ring and made a high pitched scream in the middle of the restaurant. It was a complete and wonderful surprise on a random Monday in September to get such an incredible present. I credit myself with usually knowing that "something" is up. But on that night I never suspected a thing. It was an incredibly romantic and thoughtful gift. I wear that ring everyday!

Youthful One said...

Oh, K!

How wonderful!

You MUST show the ring!

Emily said...

I love it!!! I have to admit Jon does things that deserve steak and potatoes on a weekly basis - but I lack the ambition to get to the store in time that day for it to be a "special" dinner ready that night.... so it usually ends up a couple days later and we have forgotten what AMAZING thing he has done - well maybe we don't forget but usually he has done something else to take it's place!

Kelli said...

That is so romantic and cute!