Saturday, May 17, 2008


This is not a cat blog. Because we don't have a cat.
We don't have two cats.

I did not take my daughter to a few garage sales today only to come home with 2 kittens.

Absolutely fabulous or Absolutely foolish?


But seriously, who could turn this girl down?


Youthful One said...

Kittens are always better in pairs. And I think they are Fabulously Adorable! I'll bet they are especially soft and cuddly and VERY appreciative of such a loving and attentive home. Congratulations!

You must be in one of those adoptive moods... ;-)

Kismet said...


You are such a push-over! :)

Names please?

They will love your leather furniture. I hope you don't make your neighborhood 'not cat' jealous.


SuperDave said...

I think you should name them "Claratin and Alerest. Just so DH can bond with them...

christa jean said...

Olivia will be right over!

Sarah Penn said...

or maybe Nasonex & Asmanex! LOL!

Seriously, they are cute!

The Haiti Lady said...

Very kids have always learned from me how to bring strays did THAT one come to live here? :-P

The Everett Family said...

That is a beautiful picture of Amy!

Tiffany said...

Okay, I was confused. You DID get them! How fun for Amy. She has some city kitties! Hopefully they won't be attracted to Oreo.

And I hope they won't give her gas like being around our animals does.Tee-hee.