Monday, May 5, 2008

Advertisement. Misbehavior. Beach.

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Okay, so my husband David is the owner of that company which makes it all the much more fabulous in my opinion. And a couple of weeks ago a pastor in Lincoln City signed up to start using the product. David gets a grand idea during the week to leave early on Sunday morning and attend that church! His product is global and I don't know why he didn't suggest we go to a church in one of the more exotic locations, but whatever. I like the Oregon coast.

So we get up early on Sunday morning, pack our bags for a day trip and head West. We walk in just a couple of minutes past starting time and hear the tune of a familiar hymn being sung as we sneak in towards the back.

If you've been a church-goer most your life, you'll probably agree with me that being in a church just feeeeeels good and homey.

Okay, so this tiny church is just that. Tiny. There are 34 people in the sanctuary including Pastor and the three of us. It's also old so the floor boards announce our presence and pretty much everyone has by now seen the city folk trying to discreetly settle in to a pew.

Stay with me here.

It was communion Sunday and I don't know what happened to me, but I got the giggs. That is, I started to giggle a little here and a little there. Nothing serious and very under control, but something was making me silly inside.

We allow our 6 year old to take communion as we have explained it to her and pray with her every time. Okay. So the three of us on are this end of the pew, and at the opposite end of the pew sits an old couple. There are about 4 body spots in between Amy and the old lady at the end.

The usher hands David the bread plate and he takes a piece and hands the plate to me. I take the plate and offer it to Amy to take a piece. I am still holding on to the bread when I take the juice plate with my other hand. I have no hands left to take bread or cup for myself.

Have I never done this before? I have, but I think usually Amy is sitting in the middle of me and David and that magically makes the process work better.

So I whisper to David to grab me a cup and he gives me a look like "Why are you making this complicated?" So I flash him a "Fine, never mind" look and stretch over my daughter balancing both bread and juice and let the shaky-old-lady hands take it from me. And while she has them both in her hands, I quickly take my own bread and cup.

I settle back down in my spot and look over at David who is holding TWO cups of juice. Amy has one. I have one. We now have four cups of grape juice for the three of us. I give David a look of "Why are you holding two?" when he whispers in an irritated way "YOU TOLD ME TO GET YOU ONE."

I start to chuckle through my nose at the sight of my husband with a cup on each knee.

I compose myself and, so you know that I am not totally sacrilegious, I talk and pray with my daughter about the meaning of communion, then I have a moment by myself with God.

Bringing my head up from having been bowed, I look over at my daughter sitting on my right as she is dunking her bread in her cup!

I lost it. I started cracking up. It took everything inside me not to let out a loud guffaw! But then Amy puts the tiny square cracker thing in her mouth and looks up at me with this disgusted look on her face and mouths to me "It's GROSS!"

Okay. Maybe Amy's too young for communion.

And I am uncontrollably laughing.

Then, my husband drinks his one cup and quickly downs the second. That sent me over the top! I was laughing sooooo hard I had to put my face in my hands and lower my upper body so as to try and conceal my hysteria as best I could!!!

David started whispering words to me (none of which I heard) but I DID notice he too was having a hard time controlling his laughter.

Oh my.

Well, I was too embarrassed to look around to see if anyone was watching us, but I'm sure the people behind us saw my shoulders shaking the whole time! Maybe they're better Christians than I am and they had their heads bowed and eyes closed the whole time. Please Lord.

Well, all that was done and I was able to keep it all bottled up inside the remainder of the service. Phew!

And the super neat thing, is that I believe God gave my husband the idea to go to that church yesterday because it just happened to be the very Sunday that the Pastor introduced the website to his congregation! It was absolutely fabulous to be there and hear how excited this Pastor was to have a website and to hear him encouraging the people to go to it.

We introduced ourselves afterwards to the Pastor and he was thrilled to have us there.

We enjoyed a wonderful time on the beach and of course, Amy asked if we could spend the night. David said "you know, we don't really have the money for that. We'd have to have like a super 1/2 off special of like $50 bux in order to stay here."

So we climbed up the stairs off the sand and started walking towards our car when David said "Oh my gosh, look at that." And right there on the window of the first motel was a sign that read Tonight only. 1/2 off special. $50.

I don't know about you, but I think that was pretty spectacular and a gift from the heavens!

So we bought a toothbrush, hunkered in for family fun in the motel, stayed the night and came home shortly after breakfast this morning.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with family, laughter and blessing. We gave thanks for everything.


Kismet said...

Maybe everyone thought you were overcome and was crying during communion. I've actually been that way.

But then, I've actually been out of my head laughing during a funeral too. My father's!

I dunno.


christa jean said...

Tee Hee, wish I could have stifled a giggle as I sat behind you! Sounds like a lovely and Lovingly blessed weekend.

Sustainable Juice said...

Just reading this gives me flash backs to when visited a catholic church once and during their communion started to get the giggles. I normally end up laughing harder because I'm laughing. talk about awkward.

MarkandJess said...

what a great story! I've had those moments during communion too. what is it about the combination of a quiet solumn moment and trying to be very careful and discrete in church that screams for something comical to happen??? Loved the post :)!

Youthful One said...

Sounds like a really amazing God weekend. I think He's all about giggles.

Here's my communion giggles story:

I grew up in a Methodist church, where we went forward to receive communion. At this particular church, they had a communion altar that was like a U-shaped short fence with a padded step all around the outside to kneel on. A whole row or more of people would go up together and kneel around the "U". The pastor and communion table were inside the "U". One Sunday, my mother (who happened to also be the church organist) and I went forward together for communion. Just about the time the pastor got to us saying, "This is my body, which was broken for you", my mom's stomach GROWLED really LOUDLY. Everybody on the platform and the first two to three rows back heard it! Talk about GIGGLES! Even the pastor got the giggles!