Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Except that it's not in the budget

On Friday Night, the refrigerator made a really weird noise. Then all of a sudden, I heard a POP sound. All three of us were in the kitchen at the time and we could see a slight filmy-smokey-ness billowing out! Then we were hit by this very toxic smell. We immediately opened windows, turned the fan on and grabbed the manual.

We bought this fridge about 5 years ago.

There was nothing in the manual to address the bizarre fridge behavior.

So David called Sears. They said it was the compressor and that it couldn't be replaced and we needed a new fridge.

So that night, while I went to an AbFab Phil Wickham concert, David and Amy went fridge shopping (Plus they ate Panda Express. One of their favorite places to eat when I'm not with them.) And wouldn't you know it, Sears was having a Mother's Day sale on all large appliances!

When we got home from church on Sunday, they were in our driveway ready to swap out the old, black, possessed fridge for the new shiny silver one!

There's something fun about a fresh new clean refrigerator!


Alicia said...

hi, i popped over from my friend Tricia's blog comment section. ...
Your post about the fridge felt so familiar. We are trying to make ours last. It had duck tapped shelves inside!:* I fear pretty soon we too me hear strange sounds.
Enjoy your new one! Yeah!

Michelle said...

It's funny, but I do love to get new appliances. :) Enjoy!!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

oooh shiny!