Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous

I just got this book written by a gal with a ton of letters after her name. She's a dietitian and nutritionist and very witty. She has helpful hints and tips on how to eat, drink, have fun, be healthy, look good, find WMD's, etc etc etc.
I saw it in Fred Meyer one day and ordered it off Amazon as I was attracted to the cover. Yes, I'm that easy of a sale. Marketing works on me. And I took the flap jackety thing off for reading comfort and the actual book is even cuter. It's the opposite with splashes of hot pink! Reminds of my AbFab friend CJC.
I'll forward any good suggestions that everyone just HAS to know. If you see me walking around town looking gorgeous, you'll know it was a good purchase. Bah!
This is the novel I'm currently in the middle of. Unaccustomed Earth. -->
After reading The Kite Runner, it's a nice change into something a little lighter but staying with an Afghanistan mood. Very good. I forgot it was a compilation of short stories and it took me a while to figure out why she had a brother in the first story and an only child in the second. Ooops.
I took the cover off this book, too, and it's beige with a lavender bar. Almost identical to my Bible, believe it or not. So in the morning when I reach for my Bible, it takes me a second to remember which one it is. Weird.
Happy Reading!

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Kismet said...

Oh may I borrow Unaccustomed Earth when you are finished with it?