Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo -- Chinese Style!

I've told you before about my Monday Night Prayer and Accountability Group.

So last night was Monday, and we were celebrating Hillory's 25th birthday! Or was it 35th? Doesn't matter. Anyway...

Her birthday was actually in April, and at that time she chose her birthday dinner spot to be PF Changs. It's one of the groups favorite places to go because the food and atmosphere and desserts are absolutely fabulous.

Honey glazed chicken. Garlic noodles. Keylime Pie martinis. Friends.

Does it get any better than that?

After we gorged, laughed, opened gifts and did more laughing, we went outside in the surprisingly yet wonderfully warm-ish weather and Donna points to the white lights strung up at the Bridgeport shopping area and says,
"Oooh, that looks so pretty! It looks so serene but also like it would be for a fun party....YOU GUYS! IT'S CINCO DE MAYO! We should be eating Mexican food, not Chinese!"

Oh well.
Rachel pointed out that at least we got seated right away (go figure!)

We'd stiiiiiillllll be waiting for a table if we went out to a Mexican restaurant.

Here's to Friends, Birthdays, the 5th of May and Chinese food!

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christa jean said...

Heyyy... did you guys plan your outfits?!
You all look lovely in shades of black, white, blue and a splash of red! ;-D