Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let me not forget

Redmond, Oregon is my home away from home. Largely because my twin sister lives here with her husband Greg and my three adorable blond nieces. So I come here to laugh with my sis, be crazy Aunt Juey, soak up Central Oregon Sun and eat gourmet Chef Greg dinners.

So here I am, surrounded by cute girls and listening to a conversation between Amy and Jill. Jill is 9 months older than Amy.

Jill is telling Amy a memory she has from ages ago. And, as stories often do when being told by a 7 year old, it gets a smidgen long and rambly and a little hard to follow. I think Amy has actually forgotten that she's supposed to be listening to her.

Many moons later, Jill says, "Amy, do you remember that!?"
A little confused, Amy replies, "Um, no."
"Wow," Jill replies. "You're forgettish."

I just love words children make up.
I wish I could remember them all and have them cataloged in a cute little box sitting by my reading spot. But, as moms will do, I will have forgotten most of the absolutely fabulous expressions my daughters (and nieces and nephews) will have said in their lives.

I guess I'm forgettish, too.


Kismet said...

You think you're forgettish now, wait'll your my age!



Blessed Mama of 4 said...

My tragedy as well.... maybe some day I should write those down, I need to get out the video camera the next time they say that....and its gone before I realize! I just realized this week that it's been a good year or more since Hannah referred to her brother as Yaya.... and I totally missed it! boo hoo hoo :-( I keep telling them to stop growing up, but no one listens to mom!

christa jean said...

Ah, the little funnies that make us smile. Just today, Gracie said: "Julie Penn is so much bigger than her dad!". We were looking at the lovely photo over at Kismet. ;-D