Friday, April 18, 2008

Monday Night Monkeys

Every Monday night I meet with an Absolutely Fabulous group of girls.

I've known them for about a decade! We are a prayer and accountability group and I trust these girls implicitly. We are a varied group of girls who love the Lord and pray fervently for each other.

We don't give each other Christmas gifts and stick to birthdays and we woop it up by treating the birthday girl to her favorite restaurant and getting her fun gifts. Oh the laughing that occurs on those nights!

We have all at one time attended the same church, but not necessarily at the exact same time. SW Hills Baptist Church is the common denominator and where we all met. Since then we've had babies and gone through ups and downs and all but one of us has moved to a different church. But we've stayed together praying and laughing and supporting each other every Monday night.
I know Yolanta and Katie will come home soon and safely due in part from the prayers said by these lovely ladies.

Sometimes we take a Monday night and we shake it up and give each other our prayer requests over a slice of cheesecake and a cup of coffee at the factory at Washington Square. That's the best $11 ever spent.

A couple of Mondays ago, the girls came over to help me paint the bathroom. Amy and I picked out a fabulous color orange called Mesa Sunrise. It's awesome!

I have a shower curtain of a cute little jungle scene with adorable little monkeys hiding in the trees. And I bought a monkey bath mat, monkey toothbrush holder and monkey soap dispenser. Amy, Yolanta and Katie are going to LOVE it.

Here are some pictures of that night. Though, one of the Monday night girls is not in them because I foolishly brought the camera out after she went home. She's pregnant with her second and didn't want to breathe the paint fumes or something Motherly Responsible like that. Kimber was the water girl and fetched us water but I made her sit down because even going up and down the stairs was not the best job for a pregnant woman! So she went home to get some much needed sleep.

Here are Rachel, Hillory and Donna helping me paint the bathroom. Someone found the DumDum jar and we all felt 8 years old sucking on lolly's with paintbrushes!

When I buy some cute towels and a neat picture for the wall, I'll update you with a finsihed product picture. Thanks girls!

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christa jean said...

Wow! That looks outrageously orange! You know your friends are true when they will get orange paint under their fingernails for you!