Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Funny Ha-Ha

My DH is absolutely fabulous. He really is. I don't know where I would be without him.

We've been married for 13.5 years. Oh my gosh. Am I really old enough to have been married for that long? Well, the truth of the matter is, is that I'm barely old enough. I mean, really. I was married when I was 19.

Anyway, enough about me and back to my husband.

I love him.
I bet if I took a random poll or survey and asked a group of our friends to tell me some attributes or qualities or to just give their general opinion of my husband, one of the first words people would say about him is : FUNNY

He has such a unique humor, though, that not everyone totally gets it. And he's a different kind of funny with different people.

He's sarcastic
He's abstract
He's highly intelligent

Put those together and you get a funky kind of funny. But he never fails to make people laugh.

I don't always think he's funny when everyone else is laughing. I must have a dry sense of humor. I also am an over worrier and am afraid people will think he's serious when he's not. But that's my own problem, I guess.

However, my husband can makes me laugh every day. And that, I think is invaluable. Number one, I LOVE to laugh. Number two, who better to make you laugh than your very own husband!? I think he's the funniest when we're alone or just with family.

But I bet that the things I think are funny about him are not the same things you would find funny. And that's ok. I think it's the way God makes us.

Yesterday I was at the lovely Christa's house and I heard that familiar sound indicating I have a text page. After digging around my purse, I pulled out my cell and noticed I had FOUR texts waiting for me. All from my husband.

-You're cute.
-You make me Happy.
-Be mine forever.

You see, to me he is hilarious. He is expressing his love to me in a way that would make any girl smile ... and then he throws in a random German sneeze reply!!

He cracks me up.

What makes you laugh?


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

First - I want to say - I think that you two as individuals and you together in your marriage glorify God... I think God is a funny guy with a great sense of humor.

so.... what makes me laugh?? well, lots of things - I'm not a very serious person... I LOVE to laugh...

lately - I love watching Noah ( my 6 yo ds) laugh while he's watching America's Funniest Home Videos... it's contagious and makes my heart joyful!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

ok, better clarify - your marriage is awesome....

separate thought ... God has a sense of humor.

The two are not related!

Love ya

Kismet said...

That was an awesome post. You are right, you are too young to have been married that long!!

My husband also makes me laugh.....nearly every day.

Also, my daughter Jennifer makes me laugh. She has her dad's sense of humor.



Anonymous said...
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