Sunday, April 13, 2008

Diamonds = Friendship, right?

There is a new couple at church these days. Actually, we are new to this church as well, but this couple is even newer. I know they have 2 kids and one on the way.

So after service today, I was chatting with her for the very first time and we were doing the usual small talk conversation having a lovely 10 minutes.

Until I said this, "So you have two kids, and you're pregnant, right!"
Now picture me all smiley and happy for her and the worst part: I'm POINTING AT HER STOMACH.

When she says "No. I'm not."

And don't forget, I've got my gigantic index finger pointing at her empty womb!
My armpits went sweaty and my face either drained of blood or filled with blood, I don't know. But something funky happened to my face.

Now, being the gracious lady that she is, she didn't show any signs of embarrassment or anger. She went on about how she only has two kids right now and that they're thinking about adopting...she didn't miss a beat. But, being female, I know it had to have pricked her a smidgen somewhere.

Why did I think she was pregnant?
Shes doesn't even LOOK pregnant!
Where did I get that?
I have no idea, but I felt so embarrassed. Embarrassed isn't the right word, because if anyone was to feel embarrassed, it would be her.

I just told a non-pregnant woman she was.

What transpired from there is kind of mysterious because I didn't fall all over her with apologies or talk about "Oh my gosh I'm so embarrassed I'm so sorry!" or any of that stuff that you'd think someone would normally do. I think because she just kept on talking about her life, and probably covering for me, that I just nodded my head in a - "Oh yeah! That's right, now I remember" - sort of way that the whole thing kind of blew over.

But I walked away with absolute mortification on my soul. Wonder how SHE felt?

I'm going to bring her a diamond ring next week but not mention the faux-pas. Just give it to her so she'll like me.


christa jean said...

Yes, I think diamonds will smooth things over. ;-D Or chocolate! It sounds like she is a gracious gal, she probably just chuckled on the inside and won't hold it against you.

Tiffany said...

If you invite us to start listing our faux-pas, mine alone would probably take up all of the free blogging space you have available. I'm sorry that happened. I know all too well how it feels. I am sure she will love the diamond. In fact, hmmm, I wonder if I could think of anything dorky you said to me...

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I thought she was too... bad on me as well. maybe we can go in together on a tennis bracelet