Monday, April 28, 2008

Adoption Process to Date

John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

September 1, 2005
(after hurricane Katrina)
Julie: I can’t stop thinking of the small babies who’ve had to be evacuated from hospitals in New Orleans.
David: I don’t know if there are any orphaned babies, but maybe we should adopt one.

David and I pray and talk about adopting. God confirms multiple times that this is HIS absolutely fabulous plan for us!

February 7, 2006
We go over to Hillory’s to discuss agencies and we decide on Heritage Adoption Agency and the country of Haiti

Feb 10, 2006
Download and start filling out application
Learn about LeAnne (The Haiti Lady - our adoption agent)

Feb 22, 2006
Our application is received at Heritage

March 15, 2006
Psychological evaluation

March 28, 2006
Amy starts French classes

April 22, 2006
Home Study

May 1, 2006
We agree on adopting two children

May 3, 2006
POA, IBESR letter, Psych. Eval. and signature page of home study sent for authentication at the Secretary of State

May 24, 2006
Dossier gets sent for translation

June 5, 2006
Dossier gets sent to Haitian consulate

August 16, 2006
David and Julie get fingerprinted

August 22, 2006
Referral of Yolanta (4) and Quetelène (2)

August 25, 2006
First picture of the girls

September 2006
Sean and Jamie decide to adopt Benjamin (Yolanta and Quetelène's little brother)

October 27, 2006

January 15-19, 2008
Jamie and I Visit the children in Haiti

February 10, 2007
Fill out Adjudicate Orphans First Program form

April 25, 2007

June 13, 2007
LeAnne quits Heritage and Joins Kentucky Adoption Services
Yolanta turns 5 years old

July 11, 2007
Quetelène turns 3 years old

July 25, 2007
Find out we are NOT out of IBESR as previously mentioned

August 8, 2007
Exit IBESR (10 months after entering)

August 10, 2007
Paperwork prep stage to enter MOI

August 17, 2007
Hurricane Dean touches Haiti

August 28, 2007
Much of our paperwork has been confirmed as lost. Begin refilling out and sending in paperwork

August 31, 2007
The Joint Council for International Children's Services sent out to all agencies news that Department of State (the Consulate) and USCIS (Immigration) are currently not processing any cases

September 24, 2007
Joint Council is pleased to confirm that the DOS Consular office in Haiti began processing visas as of late last week. It is our understanding that the issue related to Haitian court decrees has been fully resolved and that the processing of visas will continue uninterrupted.

October 10, 2007
Contact Gordon Smith’s office to help officiate progress

October 11, 2007
Enter MOI (after 2 months of ‘prepping’ to enter MOI)

October 20, 2007
Send in another notarized I-600 (third one)

October 25, 2007
Original paperwork is found in Haiti

November 20, 2007
Birthfather brought in for interview

November 21, 2007
David and Julie get re-fingerprinted

January 9, 2008
Sean and Jamie exit MOI

January 16, 2008
Meet with Sean and Jamie at Heritage to fill out paperwork required before travel

February 3, 2008
LeAnne quits Kentucky

February 4, 2008
Send in final payment of $11,000

February 12, 2008
Only Yolanta exits MOI, enters Passport printing stage

February 14, 2008
Yolanta’s passport being printed at Immigration Services.

February 22, 2008
Benjamin’s paperwork submitted to Consulate

March 12, 2008
Benjamin received Visa appointment

March 14, 2008
Jamie’s baby-shower

March 15, 2008
Sean leaves for Haiti (LeAnne also goes)

March 17, 2008
Confirmation that Yolanta’s passport has been printed, but not quite sure where it is

March 20, 2008
Welcome Benjamin home at airport

March 22, 2008
My baby shower at Hillory’s

April 10, 2008
Rioting in Haiti hits American news

April 16, 2008
Quetelène has passport, but NOT Yolanta (this is opposite info as stated on February 12)

April 25, 2008
Receive priority mail from Heritage with travel documents

April 26, 2008
Confirmation that only Quetelène has passport

May 1, 2008
Benjamin and family come over for dinner

May 3, 2008
Another email confirmation that Quetelène has passport, Yolanta does not

May 12, 2008
Yolanta has her passport

May 15, 2008
Get email requesting:
2007 taxes (since another tax season has come and gone)
I-864 (for the 3rd time)
I-864A (for the 3rd time)

May 16, 2008
Consulate has not responded with appointment to drop off dossier

May 19, 2008
Yolanta's medical exam has been received and added to dossier

May 22, 2008
Informed that our dossier has been deposited at the Consulate
I-864, I-864A and 2007 tax forms have been received by Dr. Bernard
LeAnne sent word to Consulate that Dr. Bernard has these missing forms and need to be included in our dossier

June 4, 2008
Received confirmation that the above three documents have been submitted to the Consulate

June 6, 2008
Emailed Senator Gordon Smith requesting official Government Assistance

June 9, 2008
Email confirmation that the Senator's office will look into our case

June 20, 2008
Received email from USCIS in Haiti that they are waiting for the final adoption documents and passports for the children before they approve the I-600 petitions. A visa cannot be issued without approval of the I-600.
Called LeAnne immediately as the requested documents should have been received months ago. She is researching the problem.

June 25, 2008
Received email that our case has been approved and is being forwarded to the Consulate tomorrow for the visa process! This is the last step!!

June 27, 2008
Received email confirming our Visa appointment is for June 30th at 7am.
Book flights!

June 28, 2008
Leave PDX at 11:50pm

June 29, 2008
Arrive in Haiti at 3:40pm

June 29-July 3, 2008
Sarah updates her blog frequently, beautifully and with much detail engaging everyone on our flights status and communication. Thanks Sarah!

July 2, 2008
Arrive PDX 8:20pm with Millions of friends and family!

Together at last.
Let the adventures begin!
Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.
Ephesians 6:24


Tiffany said...

Thanks for this post. It will be helpful. I am sure I will refer to it.

Kismet said...

That verse moves me to tears, especially as it applies to you adoptive parents. And to the orphans both here and around the world.

Thanks for listening to your heart and bringing those precious girls home.


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

What an ordeal... I don't doubt that you would lovingly do it again if need be, but our prayer is that God brings them home soon... like next week or something....

I love seeing the first picture of the girls again, and I've loved seeing them each time you get an update, and I can't believe how much they have grown... 2 years... but for a lifetime together and for a loving family, for you to give your love is a great gift to them, but also for you as well, I know!

Youthful One said...

My heart is wrenched reading the turmoil and chaos that has accompanied you on this journey. I long with you to see your girls brought home as quickly and safely as possible. The girls' photo is still on my fridge and I pray every day for your family to become peacefully, and finally united.

Michelle said...

Yep, sounds like Haiti....

Thanks for posting on my blog. It's always fun to see who has stumbled upon it.

Congratulations on being so incredibly close to bringing your girls home!!

christa jean said...

Ahhh, Home Sweet Home...
Those girls really have no clue how good it's going to be!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

One more step... so much closer... God make it now!

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting on my blog...I LOVED coming to yours and reading about your adventures and checking out your pictures!

Congratulations on FINALLY getting your girls!!!

Amanda P said...

This makes me so excited...we are taking adoption classes in January. I am so full of...anticipation. :)

Marcia Erickson said...

Wow...what a story! So glad to know your wait ended with two beautiful daughters!


Donna said...

WOW! One and a half years later I read this. I know you and David are great and such loving parents. All three of your girls are so blessed. To think how their lives will be so enriched and so filled with the love of God because somebody listened and obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit. My heart is touched and you and your family are in my prayers.

God Bless Julie,