Thursday, April 10, 2008


About a year ago, I was in a conversation with my mother. At one point in the discussion she turned to me and said, "Did you know you say that word quite often?"

"What word?" I asked.

I didn't quite realize I did, but thinking about my every day favorite things to say, Absolutely is for sure one of them.

Then about two weeks ago, at my baby-shower for our Haiti Babies, my dear friend Christa bought me a couple packages of Thank You notes. She gave them to me saying "I just had to get these because you say this word all the time!"

I looked at the cards and on top was the word Fabulous.
She then proceeded to mimic even the way I say this word, and she did eerily sound and look just like me.

And after a quick couple moments of reflection, I agreed with her that yes, I indeed do say Fabulous as my preferred adjective.

So here it is my turn to create a blog (I've been hiding behind the "no time" excuse for too long) and what better title to give it than the very two words I say all the time!

We keep a family website for pictures and I will post that address once we get it updated. But I plan on using this blog to update everyone on the adoption, Amy's cuteness, and any secrets I might feel like revealing about my emotions, dreams and thoughts.

oooh I sound so bloggy already.

Thank you for reading and may you have an Absolutely Fabulous day!


Kismet said...

You are Ab-fab!!!

Can't wait to read your updates.


christa jean said...

We've all been awaiting your reveal for ages! ;-D
Welcome to the blog-mania... we can be bloggin' buddies now!
~christa jean

The Vertner Family of Beaverton said...

u r a rock star in my mind!

Tiffany said...

Yeah! Yipeee!!!!!

Youthful One said...

Yes, I am delighted to be included in your thoughts and updates!

Count me in!

angelagarretson said...

Hi sweetness! I am excited for you. I know you will bring beautiful things to the table. I will be sitting at it ready to read. :)

Love ya, Ang

Anonymous said...

Well, well, I love reading your mom's and have already added you to my fav's.... Good for you cuz, just wish the other site had some current pics!!!